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Surya Chemical Industries is a customer service driven contract manufacturer, providing expertise in micronization particle size reduction and particle size control technologies intended for powders used within the pharmaceutical, medical and food marketplaces. Leveraging two decades of toll manufacturing experience, trust Surya Chemical Industries to develop a robust process at any scale of development, including R&D, pilot scale or commercial scale.

As a Trader, our objective is to build confidence among our customers by regular and reliable supplies at competitive prices and consistent quality. Try to become leader in chemical trading and distribution with the support of our energetic and young team which will develop culture and ensure high Customer Satisfaction. To maintain a continuous feed of products to company’s distribution and dealer network.

Surya Chemical Industries, Tarapur is a Boisar based Contract Micronizing Service provider company that offers very effective CONTRACT MICRONIZATION SERVICES, Micronizing Job Work in Mumbai, India dedicated to comply the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. micronizing and successfully FDA approved at Boisar, tarapur, operates according to cGMP standards.

We offer consistent, reliable and cost-effective contract micronization services for your small quantity up to large volume routine productions. In addition by our co-operation we will help you to reduce "time-to-market" for your R&D projects.

Our associate analytical laboratory, equipped with modern instrumentation - e.g. the Particle sizer - provides Micronization Particle Size Reduction.

It is a privately held company with the vision to “set the benchmark” in the cGMP marketplace, Surya Chemical Industries focuses on the micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and excipients by providing processing suites with suitable cross contamination controls; jet mills of proprietary and sanitary design and robust quality and cleaning protocols.

Micronization via jet milling is an established manufacturing technique for improving the solubility of poorly soluble APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and enhancing the overall bioavailability of drug products. Leveraging high velocity compressed gas; particles are accelerated to supersonic speeds to achieve sub 5 - 10 micron (superfine) distributions in order to provide Gaussian distribution curves with superior reproducibility. The process is ambient due to the instantaneous pressure drop of the grinding gas within the milling chamber cooling the colliding particles which makes jet milling an ideal technology for sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients.

We are consistently providing effective Micronizing Job Work, Contract Micronization services in India for customer’s suitable productions including small to large volume. Due to our vast experience of more than 20 years, we are considered among the leading Contract Micronizing Service provider company in India.

Features of Micronization
  • Average particle size ranges from 2-10 microns
  • Ambient process
  • Stationary grinding chamber with no moving parts
  • Reproducible & High throughput process

Benefits of Micronization
  • Improved bioavailability and dissolution of poorly soluble API’s
  • No heat degradation for powder being milled
  • Less risk of metal contamination associated
  • High quality, cost effective milling approach

Applicable Formulations Types
  • Tablets/Capsules
  • Topical creams
  • Suspensions/Injectables

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